The Platform provides a cornerstone of the broader and integrated UK research strategy in this area, which is seeking to support high quality UK research activity and translational activity that will help deliver the great promise of regenerative medicine to the benefit of both patients and future economic growth. Listed below are links to various other connected elements:

  • Regulation and Governance.
    The UK has a strict, but permissive, regulatory framework in place covering all forms of human stem cell research which balances the need for governance and commercial development. For more information click here
  • Reports, Papers and Documents.
    A range of publications are available which will be of use to the regenerative medicine community. These include reports, papers and documents from a range of workshops, steering groups, government bodies and UKRMP Hubs. Further information can be found here

Could regenerative medicine help me?

If you’re a patient or carer seeking to take part in medical research please visit the Medical Research Council site

Medical advice: The UKRMP is not able to offer medical advice. Instead, please contact NHS Choices.

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